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    When we had had our tea and the ashes were thrown up and

    trying climate!—like living, they tell me, on a sand-heap,

    made and unmade, including one window full of beaver-hats and

    Agnes and I admiring the moonlight, and Mr Wickfield scarcely

    ‘No You see the truth is,’ said Traddles, in a whisper, ‘he had

    Master Copperfield, I should think you would, certainly!’ over and

    contained a supply of that necessary, without which he must

    ‘In the meantime,’ said Traddles, coming back to his chair; ‘and

    in a moment, and tossed it to the woman

    for he always was so brave and so forgiving—tell him

    your being a good, a sensible, and a happy man I am bent upon

    sweetness He worshipped her He doted on her boy—tenderly

    of enchantment with it I still believe him, in virtue of this carriage,


    I smiled because he smiled, but I was a little troubled in my

    here, in that name’

    the second obligation, which is not yet due He don’t tell me that it

    ‘You have said so, any time these ten years, Doctor,’ Mr

    moment of our entrance, a clapping of hands: which latter noise, I

    while the unfortunate working-clerks in the cold dark room

    ‘My grand-nephew, that is to say,’ observed my aunt

    Somebody must look for, to sustain him and improve him, Trot

    court, like sublimated skittles, for Time to play at He was in his

    would have enabled me to keep back my tears but the fear that

    saw the scale on which it was prepared for her, she was in such


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