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    my own heart and dont know what to do

    with the establishment, on account of the patience and

    David Copperfield

    fell into the custom of walking up and down with Mrs Strong, and

    standing apart among the lookers-on, I see that good and faithful

    ‘David’: but I think it was mostly when we were very confidential,

    Say the next day! I want you to stand between Rosa Dartle and

    chin in his shirt-collar

    light Yes, I should say he would never, for example, be worth five

    night there will be, this season; and there’s a singer there, whom

    ‘Ah!’ she said ‘Such things are not much in demand

    ascertained from me in a few words what it was all about,

    answered, assuming an air of sprightliness

    world; and the sooner you begin it, the better’

    Steerforth’s, and looked over the corner of the garden wall His

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    pedestrian feats; and the amount of her discomposure might

    He’s such a good fellow!” I gives her a kiss, and I says no more to

    glad to see her too, and, after an affectionate greeting on both

    ‘Mr Copperfield,’ said my mother, answering with some

    appeared to my childish fancy, as I ascended to the bedroom

    when she asked this question

    laughter Not a sound escaped from him I was so repelled by his

    and nudged Ham to say something

    any money Now, I have kept my eye since, upon the broker’s

    with her short right arm, to shut the umbrella for her; and passing

    man, with hollow cheeks, and a chin almost as black as Mr


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