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    A month maam

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    was an uncomfortable coincidence, and inquired how it was done

    ‘Can I?’ said the old woman ‘Yes can I, sure!’

    satisfaction, that I don’t know what the ticket-porter can have

    had given the money that night in the kitchen Martha Endell—

    you—that sees my fallen child!’

    made a series of proposals to buy everything that was bilious in

    with her modest, orderly, placid manner, and I hear her beautiful

    Mr Micawber resumed his seat on the close of these remarks,

    daughter, and my uncle Dan is a fisherman’

    Mrs Micawber was in such a dreadful state that I really couldn’t

    it is I profit so much by it myself, in many ways—at least I ought

    Janet at her side; and that when the coach was gone, I turned my

    David Copperfield

    morning, and was in and out of the store-closet all day, putting

    North Pole He shall see to the boat being fresh named She’s the

    Really brilliant water Mou.

    David Copperfield

    “and I’ll find passages, my dear”’

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    but I found her looking at me—in an odd thoughtful manner, as if

    admired my horse and patted him—oh, what a dear little hand it

    I don’t know how this desperate idea came into my brain But,

    my aunt, ‘she marries a second time—goes and marries a


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